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Ceremony: The Vrtba Gardens

Reception: The Hoffmeister Hotel, Prague

Photography: Jan Dikovský

We first contacted Katerina very late in the planning stages of our wedding in 2020. What started out as a process that was coming together and working, the events of 2020 created huge stress for us and the plans, 1 by 1 our plans started to fall apart with Covid being a huge challenge for us.

As a foreigner marrying a Czech lady in Prague, there was an enormous amount of paperwork and procedures to follow, and after a certain point, we both decided that we will fail completely if we do not get help with planning our wedding. 

We were given a reference from another mixed couple that Katerina was exceptional with arranging their wedding in Prague and with dealing with the legalities of getting married in the Czech Republic.

Right from the beginning, from our very first meeting with Katerina, we could feel her years of experience as she worked her way through our plans.  Things started to become a lot easier from then on.

Within the space of 1 month, from learning that our original plans had to be completely cancelled, Katerina planned an entirely new wedding at an even better location for us. We are still amazed at how she managed to do this in such a short space of time and with covid restrictions changing every day.


If you are a foreigner getting married to a Czech lady in the Czech Republic, do not try and do the paperwork by yourself, you don't need the stress from this process that you have to learn about and that you will probably only do once anyway, get help with it and Katerina was our saviour with making the process so easy and straightforward. She has a huge network in Prague with weddings and legalities and experience with how to get things done quickly and efficiently, it really is worth it.

The wedding day was spectacular and unforgettable. Even though our wedding was reduced in size because of covid restrictions, it was even more memorable and this was all because of the professionalism that Katerina brought to our day. 

Thank you, Katka, 

from Martina and Darragh

VIDEO from this wedding

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